Mindful Yoga - Yin & Meditation


Specializing in Mindful Yin Yoga and Mindfulness Meditation.

Mindful Yin classes focus on deep inner listening, slow movement, longer holds in poses, and introduce mindfulness meditation principles and techniques. In addition to working with the deeper connective tissues of the body, Yin provides opportunities for Qi revitalization, release of tension, and supports greater mental, emotional, and physical flexibility. Classes emphasize a holistic mind-body-spirit approach in cultivating awareness of the innate intelligence and unique strengths of our bodies, invite kind curiousity toward the workings of our mind, and unleash the power of the breath to guide us through with grace. I strive to create an accessible and safe space through steady, calm presence, and guide all classes in a trauma-sensitive manner that empowers each person to foster deeper positive embodiment at their own pace.

Current drop-in class schedule*:

Sundays - 5:30-7pm - Yin Yoga - MokSana Yoga

Tuesdays - 8-9:15pm - Yin Yoga - Yoga Lab Victoria

Wednesdays - 8-9:15pm - Meditation - Yoga Lab Victoria

* Corporate and Private sessions are available in a variety of styles. Inquiries are welcome.

Note: Mural pictured is by Brianna Marie Dick, Coast Salish artist. Encouragement to contact Brianna for commission: https://bmd-art.weebly.com/